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Light streaming through monsoon clouds, Kathmandu, Nepal

Light streaming through monsoon clouds, Kathmandu, Nepal

Lead Researcher, Tracking and evaluating climate change vulnerability research        

This study: 1) quantified trends in community-level climate change vulnerability research since 1990, 2) developed and applied a critical evaluation framework to identify successes and shortcomings within the existing vulnerability literature, and 3) highlighted salient opportunities for improving the conceptual and empirical contributions of community-level climate change vulnerability research.

Related publications:

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Lead Researcher, Systematic reviews of climate change adaptation in high mountains and the Arctic

Conducted as several independent projects, these studies systematically assessed what is known about climate change adaptation in 1) glaciated mountain regions and 2) the Arctic. They utilized formal systematic review methods and provided clear assessments of the current state of knowledge about the human adaptation to climate change across the cryosphere. The studies contribute to an emerging literature tracking on-the-ground adaptation processes and outcomes, and helps inform research/policy agendas for addressing key knowledge gaps. Results from these assessments have been profiled at high-level meetings such as 'The World Mountain Forum' and 'Our Common Future Under Climate Change'.

Related publications:

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