Fieldwork Photography Services

Alaksen National Wildlife Area, British Columbia, Canada

Alaksen National Wildlife Area, British Columbia, Canada

The experience and conduct of field research is of interest to the public, media organizations, and funding agencies, yet few researchers have professional images that effectively convey the nature of their work. My fieldwork photography services address this problem, providing a unique opportunity to boost understanding, interest, and engagement with your work.

 My services are relevant for individual researchers, research teams, and university departments. I provide clients with portraits, field site images, and landscape photographs that together tell the story of their fieldwork in an accurate and visually compelling manner. My unique background as an expedition research scientist and professional photographer enables me to seamlessly integrate with research teams while capturing compelling images of the research process. I am comfortable with a range of subjects, from ethnography to glaciology.

I have conducted fieldwork photography shoots in a variety of contexts, including the Nepal Himalaya, Peruvian Andes, Rocky Mountains, Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic and sub-Arctic. Images from this work have been featured in academic and popular outlets (e.g. Nature Climate Change, ArcticNet Annual Report, Vice Motherboard, TEDx, The Seattle Times), photography exhibitions (e.g. Picturing High Places in the Anthropocene), and university websites (e.g. McGill University, University of British Columbia).

I am available for a range of needs, from local half-day shoots to documentation of extended research expeditions at the ends of the Earth. I use Canon professional photography equipment (i.e. Canon 5D IV, 16-35 f/4L IS, 24-105 f/4L IS II, 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II) to ensure high quality field research images.

Please contact me to discuss your needs, rates, and availability.